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What to do after deed poll name change

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Once you have executed your deed poll, it is time to effect the changes and follow through with changing your name. Knowing what to do after deed poll name change is essential because, without these actions on your part, your new name will not be recognized.

What is a deed poll?  It is a legal document binding a single party to a particular course of action. In Singapore, a deed poll is most commonly used to declare your intentions of changing your name.

Through this document, you express that you would like to renounce your name and take on a new one.

A change name by deed poll can be an easy and straightforward procedure, you just need to familiarize yourself with the requirements applicable in your case. If you have minor children, for example,  it is essential to know the prerequisites for child deed poll.

Once you have gone through the process, here is a list of what to do after deed poll name change:

1. Changing your name in your NRIC

To change your name in your NRIC, you should submit a ‘Change IC Particulars (Self)’ application at ICA’s iC Online website. If you have executed a deed poll for your minor child, select the option ‘Change IC Particulars (On behalf of others)’.

An application fee of SGD60 will be charged, and a digital copy of your deed poll will be required.

The ICA will then process your application within 3 working days, and within another 3 working days, you should be able to receive your collection notice given that the processing was successful.

To collect your new NRIC, you would need to appear in person at the ICA building. Make sure you bring along your original deed poll and other requirements mentioned in the collection notice.

Note that you should apply for a replacement NRIC within 28 days of changing your name.

2. Changing your name in your passport

Similar to changing your name in your NRIC, you will have to update your name in your passport through the ICA website.

3. Changing your name in other documents

For other relevant organisations (such as your company or your child’s school), it is important to provide them with information after executing a change name by deed poll.

You may also want to get in touch with the institutions that issued your certifications (O/A-level certificates, polytechnic diplomas and university degree certificates) for assistance in updating your name.

However, bear in mind that even with the deed poll, the name on your birth certificate and marriage certificate cannot be edited.

Knowing what to do after deed poll name change will ensure that you can implement the changes in your name. As a final note, remember to keep the deed poll certificate in a safe place, so you will not have to ask how to get a replacement deed poll certificate.

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