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Explore our practice areas that suit your needs. Our experienced lawyers at Kith & Kin Law have wide-ranging expertise across these specialisations:

Will Writing

We provide legal advice on will writing that will ensure that your family and loved ones will be taken care of upon your passing.

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Set up an arrangement that will ensure that your estate will be managed just the way you want it. 

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Draft a legal document to appoint someone to make decisions for you in the event of mental incapacity in the future.

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Succession Planning

Prepare for the future of your business through business succession planning and exit strategies.

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Letters of Administration

In the absence of a Will, we can help you secure a Letter of Administration to move forward with your deceased loved one’s asset distribution.

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Grant of Probate

We can assist you in all matters pertaining to the probate process and everything you need to carry out the terms of your loved one’s will.

Set up an arrangement that will ensure that your estate will be managed just the way you want it. 

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Legacy Giving

Ensure that you leave behind a lasting legacy by planning your donations and gifts to the causes that you support.

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Mental Capacity & Later life planning

We can help you secure the quality of your later years through our expertise in mental incapacity planning.

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Deed Polls

Start the convenient process of changing your name via deed polls.

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Estate Planning Pioneers

With our up-to-date knowledge and expertise in managing your assets, we will help you to navigate whatever unique challenges or opportunities you may be facing.

Client Experience Driven

We recognise your desire to safeguard you and your family’s future interests, capital, and assets. 

Your goals and objectives drive our Client-Experience processes.

We are here to act in your best interests. 

Value-Based Fee Structure

Our flexible and transparent pricing structure puts you in control and offers you certainty.

Client Testimonials

We value customer service and satisfaction as our top priority. See what our past clients have to say about working with us.

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