About Us


Kith & Kin is a private-client and community law firm that blends technology and excellent customer service to ensure the best client experience possible.

We practice in a progressive, positive and helpful way for clients, our partners and other counsels that we work with. We invest in our people so that they can serve clients even better.

Kith & Kin was built from the ground up with its sole focus on clients, and everything that we do here is to make our client’s experience of STEM Law better.

Industry Expertise

We are experienced and competent in various areas of legal practice. Our hands-on expertise and experience of the team allow us to deliver optimal results to our clients.


We are a service-oriented law firm and we are dedicated to providing reliable and professional solutions to your legal matters.

A Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of lawyers ensures efficient delivery of quality services to our clients. We offer holistic and comprehensive solutions that address all of your estate planning concerns.

Transparent Fees

We provide legal consultations and you can expect more transparency and predictability in pricing.

We Understand Our Clients' Needs

Since 2019, Kith & Kin Law has served over 200+ clients with various estate planning and administration matters. Our lawyers represent a wide range of clients and understand that every individual’s needs differ. Before taking on each case, we take the time to truly understand your objectives, goals, and needs before tailoring a personalised solution for you.

"Clients find our advice very practical and digestible. They are always complimenting how easy to understand our advice is. They get direct access to quality and independent lawyers who think in the best interests of our clients and their families."

Our Mission

We Build Communities

We adopt a values-based and stewardship approach towards our legal practice. We focus on values and purpose as we work alongside families and their heirs in inheritance and succession planning. 

Our mission is to help maximise the financial, human, and intellectual capital in families and family businesses to produce continuity, growth, unity, and social impact. 

Client Experience Driven

At Kith & Kin, we use design-thinking skills to learn what clients value and design processes that prioritise clients’ welfare and experience. 

Meet Our Legal Team

We are more than just specialist estate and trust lawyers in Singapore. We believe in a creating a purpose-driven practice that brings value to our clients and their families.

Shen Kiat TAN

Shen Kiat Tan

CEO, Founder & Director

“The thing that I love about working with my clients is the journey that I go through with them. I see them in the early stages, but I also see them grow together. I love being part of the client’s journey because they work very hard to get to where they are and I want to be able to help them.”

Angela Teo

Angela Teo


“What I enjoy most about our work at Kith & Kin is coming alongside clients as they seek to make plans for the future, not just for their own well-being but in the best interest of their loved ones. It is my honour and privilege to be able to render legal advice on personal matters that will positively impact families through generations.”

Esther Lee

Esther Lee

Special Projects Lead

“I have a heart for families and the vulnerable in our community, and I believe in Kith & Kin’s methodology of approaching legal issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective to ensure longevity in each proposed solution. I believe in improving the delivery of legal services to the community. I thus feel extremely privileged to participate in Kith & Kin’s various community projects that support both individuals and the community.”

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