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We're here to help you craft comprehensive estate planning strategies that will secure your family's future.

Whether you are looking to hire an estate planning lawyer, browsing through an estate planning guide, or you would like to find out more information about estate planning in Singapore, we are here to assist you at every step of the way.

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Why everyone needs an estate plan- not just the wealthy

People tend to think of estate planning as something that only wealthy business-owners or retirees would need. In fact, individuals often put off estate planning in Singapore because:

  • they don’t own much assets or wealth,
  • they think that it is costly to hire a lawyer,
  • they believe there is still time as they are young and healthy,
  • they don’t know enough about estate planning,
  • or they just don’t want to think about it.


Unfortunately, life doesn’t always play out the way we hope it would.

The reality is, without an estate plan, the court will have control over the distribution and management of your assets instead of your family.

The estate planning process is not just about wealth preservation strategies and solutions. It is about giving you peace of mind for the future, knowing that your loved ones will be well-taken care of.

Every family is different and every client has unique planning concerns, like estate planning for parents, for example. Whether you are looking to secure your asset distribution or to have control over the administration of after-life matters, there are undeniable benefits of estate planning. Here are some of the areas where we can provide estate planning tips and highly-tailored solutions for you.

Will Writing

A will ensures that your assets will be handed down to your loved ones according to your wishes. Without it, your estate will be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act upon your death.
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For those particular instances that require a legal arrangement without undergoing the probate process, setting up a trust offers several advantages.

Lasting Power of Attorney

With a Lasting Power of Attorney, you can appoint a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf, should you lose mental capacity.
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Charitable Giving & Philanthropy

When we leave this world, many of us would want to leave a positive mark on society, especially if we are able to help a cause or charity that we believe in.

Through family legacy planning, we advise individuals and families who want to use their wealth to leave a social impact, or who wish for their philanthropic goals to be carried out long into the future by their family.

Business Succession Planning

We provide thoughtful business legacy planning guidance that would help you navigate the legal, operational, and structural decisions you would need to make in your family business succession planning.
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