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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Probate Lawyer

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Whether you are in the process of drafting your will, or you have been tasked to administer to a deceased’s estate, it is important to understand the advantages of seeking professional help. Hiring a probate lawyer may entail charges, but it also has valuable benefits.

With their knowledge of the probate law and experience on handling estates, they could make life easier at a difficult time, such as in the death of a loved one. The following are more concrete reasons to consider why you should hire a probate lawyer.

1. A probate lawyer can help you obtain probate efficiently

In Singapore, before anyone can access a deceased’s estate, they would need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, depending on whether the deceased left behind a will or not. The executor of the will or the personal representative of the deceased will have to apply to the courts for these legal documents.

While a lawyer is not required in the probate process, it is advisable to hire one if you are not familiar with the legal procedures of probate. For more complex estates wherein the will may be subject to disputes, or the assets are located in various jurisdictions, hiring a probate lawyer in Singapore may also be ideal.

2. A probate lawyer can help reduce costs

Probate lawyers can take actions for the prompt and proper control of the assets. Through these timely actions, the assets of the estate can be protected from theft or loss.

A probate lawyer in Singapore will also be able to provide recommendations on the payment of relevant taxes and mortgages, helping to avoid penalties and additional charges for nonpayment. They can also review notices and claims from creditors and/or lenders to determine their validity.

3. A probate lawyer can provide advice on how to avoid disputes or conflicts

Differing opinions from family members and other beneficiaries may lead to tension and disputes. The presence of a professional who is not related to the deceased may help avoid conflict and provide objectivity to the situation.

Hiring a probate lawyer in Singapore can also be particularly helpful in cases of complex family arrangements or when substantial assets are left behind by the deceased.

4. A probate lawyer can protect the estate from claims

Aside from family members that can dispute the will, other defendants may also try to make claims from the estate. The tasks of probate and estate administration include the safekeeping of the assets so these could be given to the rightful beneficiaries in good value.

A knowledgeable probate lawyer will be able to review the probate assets list, and from there,  sort out and prevent any unjust claims from the estate.

5. A probate lawyer will be able to address your questions and problems

During the probate process, there are several questions and problems that may arise. The issues can range from missing assets, valuation of property, documents to be filed, managing the estate, jurisdiction disputes, and many others. A probate lawyer in Singapore will be able to help you address all these through their legal expertise.

Probate Lawyer in Singapore

Familiarity with the probate law is essential when writing your will or when managing the estate of a deceased loved one. It helps you make the right decisions for the estate and its beneficiaries

While you can easily search online to determine ‘Can I apply for grant of probate myself?‘, it can be worthwhile to hire a probate lawyer so you can bank on their expertise as you move through the probate process.

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