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Letters of Administration Singapore

When an individual passes away and leaves behind a will, the appointed Executor will administer the deceased’s estate and carry out the distribution of assets in accordance with the instructions in the will.

However, when someone dies without leaving behind a will (or ‘intestate’, in legal terms), the court will then appoint someone to be the Administrator of the estate instead. In the absence of a will, Letters of Administration provides the Administrator with the authority to manage, transfer, and distribute the deceased’s assets in accordance with the Probate and Administration Act in Singapore.

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Do You Need to Apply for Letters of Administration?

If the deceased has left behind a will, the person named in the will to handle the estate would first need to apply for a Grant of Probate from the court. This would grant them authority as Executors to carry out the asset distribution as spelt out in the will.

However, if the deceased did not leave a will, or the will is incomplete, a personal representative, typically a close relative, asks the court for a Grant of Letters of Administration. This court order allows the representative to deal with the estate and ultimately give it to those the law defines as legal heirs.

About Letters of Administration

How to Apply for Letters of Administration

Like the Grant of Probate application, the personal representative gathers the necessary documents, including the original death certificate, to prepare the application for a Grant of Letters of Administration. The representative needs legal support to do the following:

  • Sends inquiries to financial institutions to gather up the estate
  • Prepares the Schedule of Assets
  • Conducts a search to see if any probates or other claims to administer the estate already exist
  • Files all the documents with the Court in Singapore
  • Receives official notification of acceptance of the Letters of Administration application
  • Files the Supporting Affidavit and Administration Oath
  • Files the Schedule of Assets
  • Awaits the granting of the Letters of Administration
  • Extracts the Letters of Administration by filing the Request to Extract Grant form

How Long Does an Application for Letters of Administration Take?

Without any challenges or complications in the proceedings, it typically takes anywhere between 4 – 6 weeks to obtain the Letters of Administration.

Our Process

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