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What To Do If You Cannot Find an Executor for Your Will?

man wondering what to do if you cannot find an executor for your will

What is an Executor of Will?

You may be wondering: what does an executor of will do?

An executor is a person who will be tasked to carry out the instructions in a will. Their duties include applying to the court for a Grant of Probate (of which a probate lawyer can be hired to do so) so they can start the process of distributing the estate, locating the assets and paying creditors before distributing the remainder of the estate to the beneficiaries. Oftentimes, they are also in charge of making funeral arrangements.

With such important responsibilities, you want to make sure that you are selecting the right person for these tasks when you are writing a will.

Hiring a Professional Executor of Will

What you can do when you are not able to find an executor amongst people you know for your will, you can consider hiring a professional executor of will.

Well-equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to manage your estate when you pass on, professional executors are particularly helpful in specific situations — especially when your estate is large and involves complex assets.

Professional executors will also be able to better handle when complex legal matters arise, such as when your assets are located overseas or when your relatives dispute the validity of the will, or where you have trust instruments involved.

However a professional executor will not be able to know your personal preferences at the same level as a close relative or friend, this can be resolved by writing a will with much greater details and specificities.

Appointing Joint Executors

If the reason you are unable to find an executor of will is because the responsibilities seem too daunting for your closed ones, you can consider appointing joint executors.

This is the case wherein you can appoint a professional executor to handle all administrative and legal matters such as applying for a grant of probate while the non-professional executor, who can be someone close to you, comes into the picture as a consultant who can advise on matters such as your preferences and wishes, he or she does not need to appear in court as well.

Do you need a lawyer to write a will?

While the answer to “do you need a lawyer to write a will?” is no, the appointed executor should be informed of what constitutes a valid will and understand the circumstances of when can a will be contested in case it happens. In that situation, it is best to seek professional advice from a lawyer.

If you need the service of a professional executor of will, are deciding who to choose as an executor or have any questions about will writing in Singapore and require professional assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.