What Does an Executor of Will Do?

man writing about what does an executor of will do

You might be reading this article because you have just been appointed an executor of will or are looking to understand the duties and responsibilities of an executor so that you know who you can appoint as one when writing a will. An executor is an important role in estate planning and should be carefully […]

A Complete Guide to Estate Planning in Singapore

lawyer and client reviewing paperwork for estate planning in Singapore

Many Singaporeans put off estate planning for much later in life for several reasons — some think that this endeavour is only for the wealthy and that they do not possess many assets or wealth. Some others think it’s too costly to enlist the services of an estate planning lawyer, or that they simply lack […]

What to do after deed poll name change

woman preparing plan after deed poll

After changing your name through deed poll, how do you implement and start using your new name? Learn what to do after deed poll name change in Singapore.