Bona Vacantia: Dying Without a Will or Next of Kin in Singapore

pen of a person with bona vacantia estate

In Singapore, section 7 of the Intestate Succession Act is enforced to distribute the deceased’s estate to the surviving next of kin if he or she passes away without a will. But what if you die without a will and next-of-kin in Singapore? Rightfully, the government will get the estate if the deceased does not […]

What To Do If You Cannot Find an Executor for Your Will?

man wondering what to do if you cannot find an executor for your will

What is an Executor of Will? You may be wondering: what does an executor of will do? An executor is a person who will be tasked to carry out the instructions in a will. Their duties include applying to the court for a Grant of Probate (of which a probate lawyer can be hired to […]

What Does an Executor of Will Do?

man writing about what does an executor of will do

You might be reading this article because you have just been appointed an executor of will or are looking to understand the duties and responsibilities of an executor so that you know who you can appoint as one when writing a will. An executor is an important role in estate planning and should be carefully […]

A Complete Guide to Estate Planning in Singapore

lawyer and client reviewing paperwork for estate planning in Singapore

Many Singaporeans put off estate planning for much later in life for several reasons — some think that this endeavour is only for the wealthy and that they do not possess many assets or wealth. Some others think it’s too costly to enlist the services of an estate planning lawyer, or that they simply lack […]

Can I include conditions in my will?

question mark neon signage for conditions

Adding conditions to your will can encourage your beneficiaries to do or not do something. Find out what makes a condition valid for will writing in Singapore.

Who should I choose as an executor?

testator and executor shaking hands

One of the most important decisions in will writing is naming your executor. We give you our advice so you can decide who should be the executor to your will.

What happens if you die without a will

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What if you die without a will? Find out what happens to your estate and how you can secure your loved ones’ future through will writing proper estate planning.

Should I create a will or a trust?

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The decision to create a living trust fund vs will can be difficult. We have rounded up the factors to consider so you can effectively plan your estate.